Cuicocha Poncho

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Step into the serene allure of the Cuicocha Lake with our exquisitely designed Cuicocha Poncho, a garment that captures the tranquil essence of its namesake. This poncho, with its harmonious blend of blues and ethereal tones, offers a minimalist yet sophisticated aesthetic that speaks to the soul πŸ’™.

Painstakingly crafted from the most delicate alpaca wool by our cherished local artisans, this poncho is an embodiment of comfort, warmth, and understated elegance πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ. With dimensions of 38 inches in height and 50 inches in length, the one-size-fits-all design ensures a flattering fit for any wearer.

From our 'Lagunas' collection, this exclusive piece by Alpaca Apparel is not just a fashion choiceβ€”it's a pledge to conscious consumerism and artisanal appreciation 🌿✨. We are dedicated to the prosperity and welfare of our artisans, committing to sustainable practices and sharing up to 20% of every sale with the skilled hands in South America that brought this vision to life.

Cloak yourself in the Cuicocha Poncho and embrace a garment that is as much about making a sophisticated style statement as it is about supporting a community and environment that we hold dear πŸŒŽπŸ€πŸ’™.

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Each of our ponchos is a masterpiece of quality and comfort, meticulously crafted from a premium blend of alpaca and acrylic fibers.

Alpaca fiber ensures a luxurious feel and unparalleled warmth. The addition of high-grade acrylic enhances the durability and shape retention of the garment, making it not only an exquisite piece of clothing but also practical for everyday wear.

This careful blend of natural and synthetic fibers results in ponchos that are not just beautiful to look at, but are also resilient, easy to care for, and suitable for a variety of climates and occasions.

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Our Artisans

Each of our artisans pours heart and soul into their craft daily, not only fueling their passion but also providing for their families through their creations. We honor their dedication and skill by sharing up to 20% of each sale directly with the artisans who crafted the product. Every purchase you make is more than just a transaction; it's a heartfelt encouragement that empowers them to carry forth this age-old cultural tradition. It's a step towards improving their quality of life, supporting their families, and cherishing the invaluable legacy of Andean craftsmanship. With every Alpaca piece you adorn, you're becoming a part of a larger narrative, one that's spun with threads of tradition, love, and a promise of better tomorrow.

Your product's story

Every piece of garment from Alpaca Oficial embarks on a remarkable journey that begins in the skilled hands of artisans in Otavalo, Ecuador. Nestled amidst the picturesque Andes, Otavalo is a cradle of rich textile tradition. Here, our artisans, with years of inherited wisdom, meticulously craft each piece using high-quality alpaca wool, intertwining ancient techniques with modern aesthetics. Once crafted to perfection, these garments set off on a voyage to our facilities in Quito, where they undergo rigorous quality checks, ensuring that every stitch, color, and texture resonates with the brand's promise of excellence.

Post approval, each item is carefully packed, encapsulating the spirit and heritage of the Andes, ready to be shipped. As they traverse continents and oceans, they carry with them stories of the land they hail from and the hands that crafted them. Upon reaching your doorstep, they are not just delivering a piece of clothing, but extending an invitation to experience and become a part of a time-honored Andean legacy. With every wear, you're not just adorning a garment, but cherishing a tradition that has traveled miles, from the quaint town of Otavalo to the modern bustling streets, bringing a piece of the Andes closer to you.

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Experience the warmth of Andean craftsmanship at your doorstep in less than a week with Alpaca. Your journey into a rich cultural tapestry awaits, just a click and a few days away.

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